Permanent Traffic Changes from Pelican Gate to Sentinel Road (Spring 2021)

Permanent Traffic Changes from Pelican Gate to Sentinel Road (Spring 2021)


Guideway and track is being installed down the centre of Finch Avenue West as part of the Finch West Light Rail Transit (LRT). The first section of guideway and track will be installed between Sentinel Road and Norfinch Drive/Oakdale Road.

There are traffic impacts associated with the installation of the guideway and track, and there will be important permanent changes to how motorists use intersections and lanes once the installation is completed.


  • Driftwood Avenue is currently limited to right-in and right-out only movements from Finch Avenue West. This traffic configuration will be in place until mid-May 2021, approximately, when the installation will be completed at the intersection.
  • York Gate Boulevard will be closed at Finch Avenue West for two months, starting in late-April 2021, approximately.
  • Topcliff Avenues will be limited to right-in/right-out only movements from Finch Avenue West in late Spring 2021, approximately.


  • Signalized intersections will have a dedicated signal phase with left-turn signal and lane.
  • U-turns and left-turn will not be allowed at unsignalized intersections (i.e.: Pelican Gate., Topcliff Avenue, San Romanoway).


  • Mid-block destinations will become right-in/right-out only onto Finch Avenue West (i.e.: driveways that provide access to plazas and malls, on the north and south side of Finch Avenue West).
  • To access mid-block entrances on the other side of the road, motorists can make U-turns at signalized intersections when the left-turn signal is illuminated.