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Utility Work from Signet Drive/Arrow Road to San Romanoway

What: A crew will relocate hydro poles and start preparatory work for an underground duct bank (a duct bank is a concrete structure that encases cable) on Finch Ave. W., from Signet Dr. /Arrow Rd. to San Romanoway as part of the Finch West LRT project. Once relocated, outages will be required to switch power…
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Message concerning the current health crisis from the Emery BIA’s Board of Management – April 6, 2020

Greetings to all in Emery Village.  To say this has been a challenge for all businesses and workers in the commercial sector of Emery, would be an understatement.  We trust that the challenging precautions that everyone has undertaken to see us past these unprecedented times, will soon pay off. Statistics are starting to show that…
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Road Widening, Watermain and Storm Sewer Installation Finch Ave. W. from Tobermory Dr. to Tangiers Rd.

What: As part of preparatory works to expand Finch Ave. W. to accommodate the Finch West LRT line, crews will continue with road widening and utility relocation work along the Finch West LRT corridor. Crews will also install new underground storm sewer and watermain pipes on the south side of Finch Ave. W. between east…
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Installation of temporary traffic signals at Jane St and Finch Ave. W.

What: A crew will continue installing temporary traffic signals to make space for the construction of future stops and guideway on the Finch West LRT. Once the new temporary traffic signals are installed, the existing signals will be removed. The next temporary traffic signals will be installed at: Jane St. and Finch Ave. W intersection.…
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Installing piles for the new Finch West Station: Finch Ave. W. from Romfield Ln. to Keele St.

What: Starting in April 2020, as part of the Finch West Light Rail (LRT) project, several crews will start support of excavation works for the future Finch West Station by installing piles into the ground before excavation of the station can start. Pile drilling is a common method used for the support of excavations. Using…
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CANCELLED: Emery Village BIA Job Fair

Cancellation of Emery JOB FAIR, Saturday April 4, 10am -4pm, Famee Furlane Event Centre Please be advised that due to the escalating measures taken as a result of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, and in the interest of protecting our participants, we have CANCELLED the upcoming EMERY JOB FAIR which was scheduled for Saturday April…
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