Guideway Work Begins Between Sentinel Rd. and Norfinch Dr. (Mid-February – End of May 2021)

Guideway Work Begins Between Sentinel Rd. and Norfinch Dr. (Mid-February – End of May 2021)


As part of the Finch West Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project, work continues across the project corridor. As of mid-February 2021, alternating lane restrictions or partial road closures will be in place between Norfinch Dr./Oakdale Rd. and Sentinel Rd. for approximately four months as crews build sections of the LRT guideway (a test track) to allow for light rail vehicles to be tested later this year. Finch Avenue West will remain open in both directions but Jane Street, Driftwood Avenue, York Gate Boulevard., and Tobermory Drive will experience lane restrictions or closures during track installation at those intersections.

Work includes installation of pole foundations, trackwork and overhead cabling. Additional work is required on York Gate Blvd to install duct banks and manholes. The test track also will be installed between Norfinch Dr./Oakdale Rd. and Sentinel Rd., once permits are approved.

Portable message signs will be posted along Finch Ave. in advance to keep drivers and pedestrians informed of changes to expect.


  • Guideway work will start on the project corridor in mid-February 2021 and primarily occur between 7 am to 11 pm; some work will be accomplished overnight.
  • Work that causes higher noise or vibration levels will be prioritized before 11 pm and monitored, if needed.
  • Work could be rescheduled due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.


  • Crews will complete the guideway work in the following sequence:
    • West side of Jane St. intersection – One lane will be open in each direction to traffic from mid-February 2021 and continue to mid-March 2021. (See map above).
    • East side of Jane St. intersection – One lane in each direction from mid-March 2021 to late March 23.
  • Then, crews will move to York Gate Blvd. and Driftwood Ave.:
    • York Gate Blvd. will be closed at Finch Ave. W. from the end of March 2021 to late May 2021. Access to the Yorkgate Mall will be maintained from Jane St., Finch Ave. W. and north on York Gate Blvd.
    • Driftwood Ave. will be closed at Finch Ave. W. from late March 2021 to late April 2021.
  • After, crews will install the guideway at Tobermory Dr. and close it at Finch Ave. W. from late April 2021 to mid-May 2021.
  • Dates are approximated and may change.
  • Guideway work will also take place at Norfinch/Oakdale and Sentinel. Dates are to be determined. Please visit us at for up-to-date information.
  • Please take extra care when navigating near work sites, and always make eye contact with the driver before crossing in front of any equipment or vehicle.
  • Dust
  • Construction noise and vibration will be noticeable at times.
  • Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.


  • One lane in each direction on Jane Street.
  • York Gate Blvd., Driftwood Ave., and Tobermory Dr will be restricted or closed at Finch Ave. W. during the work.
  • Access to adjacent businesses and residences will be maintained, unless otherwise communicated.
  • Heavy trucks and equipment will be active in these areas.
  • TTC bus stops will be closed or relocated away from work zones, as needed, to ensure construction can continue safely while minimizing impact on the community and customers.
  • Relocation of bus stops is done in consultation with TTC.
  • Access to TTC will be maintained at all times.
  • Please visit for more information.