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Wingporium – Welcome to Emery Village!


I know, there are a lot of Wing places out there, but if you decide to look closer at the product and the venue, some stand out without exception, one of these is Wingporium at 5025 Steeles Ave. West (Just West of Weston Rd.) and is the one for you! I want to introduce you to Emery Village’s newest place to go; a Wing restaurant that surpasses the rest. Unlike the other guys, they use Premium chicken Wings from Ontario Farmers that are NEVER frozen or pre-cooked.  They fry with Trans-Fat Free and Cholesterol Free Canola oil, which is a good source of Monounsaturated Fat and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Wingporium is dedicated to creating a friendly and casual atmosphere.  Dave Graham (co-owner) says that his mission is to provide outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value. Did I also mention very cold draft beer; Friday night Karaoke and Live bands on Saturday’s?  Many of the hot sauces are made fresh in-house.  I encourage you to prove me wrong. You won’t be disappointed!

Business of the Month - September

Metal Creations Inc.


An Emery original is celebrating a quarter century in business!


Metal Creations, a manufacturer of store fixtures and displays got its start in 1990 on the same Emery Village streets it calls home today. The four founding partners have made way for four fresh and enterprising men who got their own start within the company and chose to invest in the place they grew up. Three were existing partners Todd Brummell, Frank Mammoliti, Orest Sydij and newcomer John Zoldi, who came on board two years ago.


Creativity comes in the signage and design work at the display level, but their masters of the interior retail design schemes and many of them come from the customary designs of the retailers they serve.  “The growth has been amazing, and the property values have shot up,” Brumell added. “We’re right in the middle of everything.”

As they noted, the founding partners probably didn’t see a major highway like the 407 coming, but they take advantage of it now as they serve a number of areas throughout North America.

Metal Creations can be reached at 416-744-8801 or by visiting their office at 465 Signet Drive.


Business of the Month - August

Satin Finish Hardwood Flooring

Established in 1922, Satin Finish Hardwood Flooring has been manufacturing floors (primarily) for the residential and truck market for nearly a century – the secret of their success is never sacrificing quality. “We’ve always been proud that our lumber is 100 percent North American,” said Satin Finish CEO Shmuel Zimmerman. “Our wood comes from forests in Canada and the Unites States, and we are very careful to source lumber responsibly.”Satin Finish manufactures hardwood and engineered flooring in three locations around Ontario, utilizing a natural product and focusing on practices that allow them to reduce their own carbon footprint. While competitors have put the pressure on by using outsourced materials and practices from locations overseas, they’ve kept things local and have found a lot of their success with it because they’ve done just that.  For more information on Satin Finish Hardwood Flooring please visit our website at


Business of the Month - July 

Applewood Roofing & Sheet Metal




LEDA Furniture


"He was born in the generation where if you're awake, you do something." LEDA furniture president and CEO Marco Confalone had one of those upbringings from his pops. A father who set an example everyday with hard work and good old fashioned elbow grease with a smart business acumen pays off. Being a good person, that's exposed in the customer service from the family run LEDA. Father Lino started the business in his basement in 1967. "Just doing custom jobs, the occasional piece, coffee tables and end tables." Eventually the family acquired a 50,000 square foot factory in Weston and began expanding their product line to include bedroom sets, wall units and home offices. Their expansion continued and they added a factory in Woodbridge, another in Weston and then their space in Emery. "We have 175,000 square feet now," said Marco." For more information on LEDA Furniture please visit the BIA website at Contact LEDA Furniture directly at 416-745-9588 or visit at them at 350 Clayson Rd. Toronto.



Business of the Month - June

Mama Mia

For the love of Mama and the family. It all began with the same person’s advice we should all listen to... Mama. 


“She said I should get into the business,” said Mama Mia Place owner, Alfonso Donaso. “I was doing something totally different and she said restaurants.”

It’s a business of passion, and Donaso is a man with a hard work ethic and a passion for food, so if he was going to do it, he was going to do it in a way that would make his Mama, Rosa, proud.

“All the recipes are unique,” he said. “People come here because our menu is unique. It’s homemade food, and when you come here, you know it’s food and flavours you won’t get anywhere else. That’s what brings people back.”

 The menu stretches from Mexico to Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba and more. They try to take the best of each country and create a number of different experiences for their diner.  “It’s not like a burrito place,” Donaso laughs.

Mama Mia was established to honour his mother, and to make her proud he’s kept it a family business.

“It’s a lot of passion and emotions,” he said. “My kids grew up here. At the back of the store, we have a little room and my wife was serving customer and at the same time feeding the baby and changing the baby. This is like our home, we take pride in what we do.”

Welcoming customers from Barrie, Scarborough, Owen Sound and locations beyond; Donaso is also proud of his neighbourhood.

He chose Emery Village for its friendly feel and comfortable atmosphere, as well as its variety.

“I choose Emery Village because it is a family oriented village,, I don’t feel myself locating somewhere else. This is the right location.”

It’s grown the right way he said, with areas gaining a more European feel and quality people.

“It’s a good mix, even people looking to buy a house, I highly recommend Emery Village, because the mix is good,” he said. His business reflects that community and has him and his customers satisfied. 


Business of the Month - May 2015

Millenia Flooring Design

Millenia Flooring Design has been in business for more than 25 years, and the reasons are selection, location, specialization and a focus on customer service.

The business began as a carpet installing service, until Marc and Carmella Harden bought an existing flooring store in 2001, and reopened it as Millenia Flooring.

They primarily sell to designers and clients, as well as contractors and other stores; while they remain open to the public.

The business moved to Emery by chance. A landlord at their previous location of nine years needed space for his own company’s use. They set out to find a suitable space and found 64 Bartor.

“Upon researching the area and driving around we were very impressed with the cleanliness, the easy access to highways and the general feel of the area. It was also very important that our landlord was extremely accommodating and worked with us to make the enormous move as easy as possible. The neighbours here are friendly and we are impressed by the Emery Village BIA.”

Millenia specializes in wool carpet and carries a wide selection of both commercial and residential synthetic carpet.

They tackle projects that vary from very small area rugs - making on site, custom area rugs & stair runners: with hand bound edges, wide fabric edges and machine binding - to large commercial projects with carpet tile and vinyl.

And Millenia carry a large selection of the best quality carpets manufactured both in Europe and the USA, and provide customers with help on every angle from selection, design and installation.

“We strive to make the process seamless and hopefully a creative and enjoyable experience.”

“We see to every step of customer service ourselves and our customers are truly important to us.”

Millenia Flooring

64 Bartor Rd.

Unit #4


Business of the Month - April 2015

Classic Mouldings

If you need to add an air of beauty to your development, look no further than an artistic and technically sound family run business in Emery Village.


Classic Mouldings is much more than a manufacturer of plaster mouldings.


At every step, from concept to completion, they have the resources to assist by using a family collection of experience to compliment the management of any project – whatever the size may be.


“We are a company that makes precast plaster ornamental mouldings,” said Stefania Mittica, daughter of the company patriarch, Salvatore. “We’ve worked everything from large commercial projects, producing stock items, to custom work for high-end residential.”


Stefania’s background is architecture and design. Her brother Maurizio handles installation, and father Salvatore …well, he’s a bit of everything.


Their flair is taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.


“We’ve worked in anything from the Windsor Arms to the Four Seasons,” Mittica said. “We’ve done more commercial buildings, and a Royal Canadian Military building downtown – we just finished that one – and have private residences we are very proud of.”


Sit down with their team, and they can bring any design concept to life, with an artistry that is unmatched.


Located on Toryork Drive in Emery Village, and about to celebrate their 40th year in business, the family will work from concept drawings, photographs and even paintings. Whatever it takes, they will create works of art from their mixture of skill and experience.


And if they cannot assist, 40 years in business has given them a wealth of contacts to direct you to the right colleague or expert to see your job completed the way it is envisioned.


They credit Emery Village with giving them an in-city location that is easy for customers to reach, and have enjoyed seeing the improvements, especially the Weston and Finch area.


They design, manufacture and install – a one-stop shop to bring artistry and beauty to any development.


Classic Mouldings


226 Toryork Dr.


North York








Business of the Month- March 2015.

Kelly Sign Company

A Fateful Set of Trips

Two events make Kelly Sign the business and artistic success it is




Kelly Sign Company began in 1982.

Owner Russell Kelly was inspired after a long trip to Europe – a year and a half to be exact. 

He left jobs in the sign industry to travel the continent. But his chosen skill carried him well and he figured, “If I can survive there, I can survive in my own country.”

So he returned to start the company, and Kelly Sign Company was born.

Kelly is a classic when it comes to sign making. He started in the industry when he was 14 years old and has never done anything else. He bounced between companies, before taking his fateful trip and has been a success story for 34 years.

An Emery Village favourite, Kelly Sign actually began in the Beaches area of the city.

Their expansion to Emery came through the initial deal that would also make the company what it is today.

Ontario Store Fixtures, a former Emery company, invited Kelly up to assist in the development of a prototype store for Victoria’s Secret.

“I got a phone call a couple weeks after, and they threw an armload of drawings at me after going up there,” he said. “I took it away, and could not believe the numbers I was coming up with.”

These were big players, and Kelly felt he was still a little fish. He returned for what he thought would be a final board meeting to be greeted by a full board room of suits and was mortified to tell them he would not be able to handle what they were asking for. While he could do the work, he couldn’t produce the numbers.

“I had five gilders, I would have needed 22,” he said.

But they turned it around. The company was supportive, and literally wouldn’t let him leave the offices until a solution was found. They funded an expanded operation in Emery Village and aided Kelly in getting the staff he would need to complete the contract.

”The seven week long project became a two year run,” he said.

After the work was completed Kelly assumed he would return to his original shop, but the company left him the Emery Village location and he continues to do work for Disney, Coca Cola and others.

While he sees stiff competition in his business, with the advent of technology, he also sees a bright future. He enjoys Emery Village for its connectivity, and work with community groups like the Emery Village BIA.

“I’m encouraged to see the differences, to see the newspaper, signs that the area is being identified. If you can see physical evidence of efforts to identify and enhance an area, then it’s going to pay dividends for everybody, and the more people that can get on board, the better will come out of it, that’s what I believe.” 

And he knows there will always be a market for his type of quality.

“There will always be a small core of people who just wont be satisfied with digital print as end product.” 

Kelly Sign Company is located at 895A Fenmar Dr. just south of Steeles Avenue. Russell Kelly is a wonderful business leader and a first class artist. We wish him well in the years to come.


Business of the Month- February, 2015.


APTO Connect


This month we had the pleasure to chat with Rick Mislov, Director of APTO Connect here in Emery Village. Rick is a big fan of the opportunities that Emery Village had to offer so he bought a vacant parcel of land that had no address, this ultimately became 12 Rivalda Rd. across the road from Tim Hortons at Sheppard and Rivalda. Rick proceeded to build an incredibly modern and aesthetically pleasing business complex that also houses some first floor tenants. The real gem is what is inside APTO Connect’s Toronto head office. One of the main services at APTO Connect is professional telephone answering. APTO uses custom scripts according to your business’s specifications; they assume your company’s image and are on call 24/7. Additions services include booking appointments for business such as realtors, plumbers, heating and air, property management and doctor’s offices. Other services include account collections, market surveys, service or warranty calls, sales and order desk, or customer loyalty programs. Think of the APTO expert staff as being one of your own. Performing very important tasks without having the need to pay a full time employee and benefits.


Check out the Emery Village BIA website during March for an exclusive free offer from APTO Connect. Can’t wait, here it is! One month free trial of phone answering services for all Emery Village BIA members.


Call 416-401-0005 or email to take advantage of this free offer or visit their website at  




Business of the Month- January, 2015.

Making a Dream Into a Reality

By Sean Delaney

 Dan Palumbo achieved his dream, and then decided to branch out his business and show others just what that dream could look like.

It’s a unique combination of businesses that highlights one of the coolest success stories in Emery Village.

Palumbo is the president of General Sprinklers and director of Ocean Drive Motors.

He came to Canada in 1964, at just nine years old. He started his work in fire protection, what would eventually lead to the development of General Sprinklers in 1979.

“I was a young guy on the road, waiting to pick a trade,” he explained. His friends were mastering electrical and plumbing work, but he wanted something different. Something that hadn’t been “trampled” he said.

“So many people were getting into the same thing, and fire protection was something new.”

Once he began to look into it, Palumbo found something he figured he could excel at. He finished an apprenticeship and quickly convinced two senior colleagues to open their own business. One moved on, and one he bought out. He remains the lone ranger of the three, and has found years of success by focusing on customers and quality.

“Through the importance General Sprinkler’s places on customer satisfaction and our extensive background knowledge of fire protection systems, we are able to provide our clients with high quality work at competitive market pricing,” he said. “This is what separates us from our competitors. General Sprinkler’s has a strong history in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors of the fire protection industry, and is also known and recognized as a leader in ‘Design-Build Fire Protection Systems’.”

Business has been good, and General Sprinklers, has become one of the largest family fire protection businesses around.

Palumbo has located in Emery Village since 1989, crediting the centralized location and expanding neighbourhood with aiding his customer base.

And he hasn’t stopped there.

As he put it, business is business, and even the most successful can need an outlet to get themselves away from the mundane. Palumbo is a car lover, and a collector of the artistry of auto making.

He is now also the director of Ocean Drive Motors. Begun in 2008, it is a manifestation of his passion.

Palumbo searches the globe for rare and unique Italian cars to offer his customers high-end, low mileage classics, whether motor vehicles, scooters or motorcycles.

“One of the things that makes Ocean Drive Motors unique is our in-house rule: We only sell the vehicles that we love ourselves, so we only deal in a limited number of models…unique and hard-to-find,” his website reads. “The criteria for our vehicles is simple also, and probably quite similar to yours. The vehicle must have a great appearance, (remember, first impressions) and be structurally sound.”

The name says it all, the director stated.

Ocean Drive in South Beach, Florida is the epitome of American freedom. It’s that sense of success, and zest for life he wants to provide to his customers through the cars he chooses to sell them.

“A classic car is a time machine, and memory of our youth. From the first car that we laid our eyes on, and couldn’t afford (from new), to our first experience, when we drove to the coast with our friends. My mission is not just to sell you a car but instead, it’s to keep this passion and these memories alive.”























Tire Spot

Business of the Month - October

If you are like myself then you think car tires, hubcaps and rims are simple parts of a car, which do not need much attention. After meeting Mitch Carvalho and Jason Ajram, the two owners of Tire Spot, who just took ownership in July 2014, of 89 Rivalda Road my opinion has been changed. The reason for this change is because tires, hubcaps and rims are one of the most important parts of your car and if you do not have them on properly, you are in for some serious trouble, especially when the winter comes. Collectively, Mitch and Jason have over 60 years of experience working on cars, which contributes directly to the fabulous work they do. Along with Mitch and Jason, there are four other professionally trained employees who all have a high level of experience working with cars. The small, yet efficient group of six employees shows off the true team oriented environment that Tire Spot knows is important in the work place. The business being new to Emery Village is very exciting as the company has been around since 2007 but was located in the west end area of the city in the Junction. The decision to move to Emery Village came up when the need for a larger space was inevitable as the business was booming. The benefit to being in Emery Village comes from there being an existing automotive industry network in the area. When I asked what sets their shop apart from all the others in the area, their response was simple, “we do the jobs that no one else wants to do” said Ajram. Immediately I knew that this shop was special when I noticed a framed plak of various police officers from all over Toronto who all trust Tire Spot with their personal vehicles. Not to mention, the look of the showroom was very appealing, all of their products on display as well as their warehouse which for a automotive company, was extraordinarily clean!


It was very interesting to talk to two owners who are both so passionate about what they do they are constantly coming up with innovative ways to fix problems. I believe that is what separates a great automotive shop from the next, someone who is willing to do whatever it takes and spend however long, to fix the issue at hand. I know what you must be thinking, their prices must be higher, but they aren’t, they are competitive but fair. As well, you are getting expert quality for your purchase, never is your car looked at by a junior or an apprentice, it is and will always be an expert. Tire Spot is open six days a week (closed on Sundays), which leaves zero reason not to check this place out! With the snow coming soon and those summer tires needing to be changed, why not check out Tire Spot? They will store your winter/summer tires for you. Even if you just want to see how clean their warehouse is, stop by and see for yourself, you will be happy you did!



The Empire Group

Business of the Month - August

After sitting down with Charles Harris, President of The Empire Group, it became clear why the art of watchmaking will never go out of style. Harris, along with his 10 colleagues, operates one of the few existing clock and watch repair shops in Toronto. As I currently do not wear a watch, I was in for a lesson on the art and beautiful craftsmanship which goes into building a watch and fixing a 200-year-old grandfather clock.

Harris has been in the business of watches and clocks his entire life, and has a passion for what he does; it is also a God given talent. Opening the doors to The Empire Group back in 2010 the business, located on 134 Fenmar Drive, has continued to grow every year. After visiting, I can tell you first hand that I am not surprised by this.  For one thing, there are few companies still doing what Harris does when it comes to clocks and watches, which enables his clients to be loyal followers.  On the topic of prices, Harris says, “I believe that just because you wear an expensive watch, does not mean it should be expensive to fix”.

Harris’ cost per order is calculated based on the time it takes to fix the problem, not based on the cost of the product itself. Hearing this was humbling and allowed me to truly see and understand and see the passion Harris and his colleagues have for their work.

After Harris gave me a tour of the shop and explained how his products work, I was somewhat overwhelmed. It is hard to believe all the details that go into fixing a watch or a clock. I was also impressed that Harris uses only green products making his business environmentally friendly which I, among many others, support. Choosing this, Harris is able to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals which could have detrimental effects to his health over time: fixing approximately 100 watches and 10 clocks per week.

So for those of you, including myself, who have that one watch which has never worked, and would like to hear your clock chime or watch tick, I highly suggest bringing it into the magical workings of The Empire Group. Their expertise, professionalism as well as fair price will be sure to impress you!

Beautiful View: The Window Cleaning Store

Business of the Month - July

After a few years of living in a high-rise condo downtown you start to notice things about the building you may have never even realized. For example, cleaning the outside of a high-rise condo window. One day, I was driving into my parking lot and saw a man raised up high into the sky cleaning windows from what looked like a hanging balcony that was lifted a few storeys up into the air. I wondered how long it would take someone to clean an entire buildings set of windows and it dawned on me why my building only cleans theirs twice a year.

My excitement for this month’s feature is due to my curiosity about window cleaning. I am featuring Beautiful View: The Window Cleaning Store, and when I found out this store, which has only been open for a few months, was in the Emery Village BIA I was quite thrilled to be able to ask all my questions about window cleaning to the store owner, and professional window cleaner himself, Mark Strange. Strange was a window cleaner for over seven years before he realized that his passion for teaching and his ability to clean windows for the rest of his life was not going to be entirely possible. With the help of his wife who not only supported him opening a store but also designed the entire layout herself, Mark is in business and was happy to talk. Needless to say, the windows are streak free and clean as a whistle. His teaching skills are tested with every customer who walks into his store. Strange not only has used every product, he knows exactly what would suit the customer the best and wants the customer to be prepared.

He has a test window where he shows the customer the right way to use the product and the best way to get a streak free clean in the quickest amount of time. I think I was one of the worst students, as I did not realize how technical cleaning windows are.

The store is a speciality-cleaning store, but you don’t have to be a professional to use the equipment. Anyone who cleans their household windows or even their car, if you do a lot of do-it-yourself carwashes, could use Mark’s products and expertise. With a wide range of window cleaning products and even some videos to show you how to use them the store is for everyone.

It is located right at 1805 Wilson Avenue, unit 107.

If you are interested in getting the best value for your money and want to learn the right way to clean a window, check out Beautiful View: The Window Cleaning Store near you!


Business of the Month - June

When Rob Barbieri, Leo Cammalleri and Jack Vitali graduated high school and started working in 1977, the three friends decided going into business was the only route they were interested in taking. What was once a small, but solid business plan is now a three-tiered umbrella company in the contract world. Over 30 years later, their business is still booming and has grown from three men into what is now a 55 person business.

Multiseal is a speciality contractor and supplier with offices in Canada, as well as the United States. If you are like me, you have very little experience talking with contractors. Multiseal is unlike many offices I have been in before; the entire landscape of the office is modern and feels spacious and welcoming when you walk inside. Multiseal is part of the Commercial Façade Improvement Program, which provides grant funding to commercial property owners eligible for the Façade Improvement Program to redesign, renovate or restore commercial building facades.

During my meeting at Multiseal, I chatted with Anna Altobello, who has worked at Multiseal for over 10 years and wears many different hats while working at the company. I asked Anna what has kept her at one company for so long and she said, “The atmosphere is family and team oriented and everyone helps one another out.” This is something many people want in a job, but few find. The way in which Anna spoke of the company and the people highlighted her passion for working at Multiseal.

While meeting with one of the owners, Rob Barbieri, I was impressed with how easily he spoke about Multiseal’s success over the past 30 years. It was also great to hear the enthusiasm he feels towards the Emery Village BIA, a community he has been a part of since Multiseal opened their doors.

At Multiseal, the work is more than just a job. This is an organization that was built from the ground up and the company continues to soar to reach new heights. The final completion of their façade will be completed by the end of the summer. Make sure to check it out the next time you are driving by 4255 Weston Road.


Budget Electronics

Business of the Month - May

A single idea can have a big impact.

Jawad Shuaib, formally a software engineer, took over Budget Electronics from his father just over a year ago. Jawad, who used to run the shop out of his basement, expanded into a larger space at 2965 Islington Avenue just a few months ago. After meeting with Jawad and seeing his store, I understand why he needed the extra space. Your eyes have never seen so many gadgets and gismos to make your cell phone, iPods, computers and overall digital life made simple.

Budget Electronics is not your typical cell phone accessory store. Their prices are unbeatable, their products are top of the line and their customer service is some of the best I have seen. Every employee is knowledgeable, informed and consistent. This lends to making each experience just as good as the last. When I asked Jawad why he trains his staff to be so fluid and uniform, he explained how important it is for a business to follow streamlined processes; it’s why his customers continue to come back. “Whatever you do, you have to be good at it, and we are good at selling products,” said Jawad about what makes his company excel.After hearing this it was no surprise when Jawad told me how large his roster of clients was all over the province. However, Jawad’s keen sense of business did not stop with a retail and online store. He and his partner, Umer Shakeel, started Gadgets2go. Retail stores can carry Budget Electronics products for free on a consignment basis. Gadgets2Go sets up a small display unit in your store and is re-stocked on a need by need basis. The method is simple: you sell their product and receive a percentage of the profits. When you need more products, you call and within 24 hours you have a stocked case once again.Currently, Gadgets2Go are in over 300 stores across the province and are expanding across Canada in the coming months. This idea is not only profitable for both parties, but so simple that there is no reason not to engage in this opportunity. I can assure you that if I had a retail store, I would be calling (647) 270-2334 right now.

Budget Electronics is open six days a week from 10:30a.m. – 6:30p.m. Next time your dog eats your cell phone charger, blue tooth head set, head phones or just want something cool to clip onto your cell phone, take a drive to Budget Electronics, I guarantee they will save you money and you might just find that perfect phone case you have been looking for!


Globe Meats

Business of the Month - April

As I walk inside the doors to Globe Meats located at 65 Signet Drive, North York, Ontario I am immediately impressed by how clean, inviting and the huge display of different products draped along the walls. I begin to casually stroll the aisle as I wait for the owner, Dante and his two employees Daniel and Joe to sit down with me and talk about their business expansion and what makes Globe Meats different from the many other speciality food stores in the area. After a few minutes of strolling the isles, checking out all the different foods and mentally making notes of what I wanted to purchase, Dante, Daniel and Joe greet me. Globe Meats is one of those businesses that has become such an impressive company because of the passion and dedication all of the employees have. Dante, the son of the original owner has been in this business since he was very young. Daniel also has a background in food and knows a little bit about everything, he said that working at Globe Meats for the past two and half years has been to exciting because there is always something new going on, especially with the new expansion happening across the road. Joseph has known the DiBiase family for over 30 years so it was no surprise when he became part of the Globe Meat family when Dante’s father, Pasquale DiBiase passed away. Globe Meats has been around since 1974 and it is here to stay. As I previously mentioned, the expansion is underway and is set to open their new doors to the public December 2014. The plan is to have a larger speciality meat area, more products and include a hot counter as well for those patrons looking to pick up something ready to eat. When I get down to the gritty questions about pricing it is apparent that all the owners understand that this is something they cannot avoid. They understand the competitive market but also do not want to reduce their quality to sell a cheaper product. So they don’t. Understanding the difference in quality ultimately comes down to taste. Naturally, that is what I did next, and I will tell you that the quality and expertise is there. Their butcher knows how to cut a piece a meat against the grain to give you the most precise measure possible. It was a fantastic steak which I had and I now understand why sometimes, spending a bit more makes all the difference in the taste, much less than the few extra dollars spent. However, if steak is not your thing Globe Meats has something else that is sure to impress you, whether its lamb, veal, pork, chicken, goat, quality or beef, they have your bases covered. Globe Meats has something for everyone, even for the non-meat eaters. I bought some fantastic gnocchi and tomato sauce on my visit and was intrigued at some of the different brands I saw while doing some shopping. Even with this great expansion Globe Meats is staying true to their roots and will continue to sell quality A grade product to the public so take a look, go for a browse and try something different.


West Finch Bakery and Dolcini By Joseph

Business of the Month - March

Is your tooth craving something sweet? Did you know one of the finest bakeries was in your own backyard? Since 1969 West Finch Bakery which is also known as Dolcini by Joseph has been a part of the Emery Village community, and with expansion plans over the next few months, it is here to stay. When I first walked into this bakery it looked like many bakeries I had been in before. However, a few minutes into meeting the owner and seeing the display of desserts I knew this bakery was different. From my mouth to your ears, I had never had a piece of cake or pie taste this good in my life. At West Finch Bakery the taste is only part of the experience, the pastry chef’s know how to also make your eyes pop with excitement too! These pastries are some of the most beautiful pieces of art you will see in the world of baking. The man of the hour, Chef Joseph Montinaro took over West Finch Bakery from his father Brizio in 1983 and has been keeping the family name alive ever since. Joseph is an exquisite chef and self taught most of what he knows today. Joseph knows quality and creates works of art nothing short of perfection for his customers. This high quality generally comes with a high price. However, while many bakeries are opening shops in the south end of the city, West Finch’s north location gives some flexibility to the price, which is very reasonable when compared to those pastry shops selling the same quality level dessert.

When asked what makes Joseph’s product different than other businesses he said because the product is created with passion. That was not hard to understand when you see his excitement over coming up with a new dessert or when a customer walks through the doors. The environment is friendly and Joseph believes in giving customers samples, as it is hard to pick a favourite or know exactly what you are looking for when it comes to tasting a wide variety of desserts. When I asked Joseph to choose his favourite he could not decide and compared it to picking a favourite child if he had more than one. When a man compares a dessert to the quality of family, I knew then I was in for a real treat. Joseph put in front of me all different desserts which all had their own flare and individual design. Right down to the gold brushed blueberries and I was in heaven. Like I said, from my mouth to your ears, each dessert was fantastic. Picking a favourite just depends what you are in the mood for on that specific day. You will not be disappointed with a dessert by West Finch Bakery also known as Dolcini by Joseph. I know we all need an occasion to eat dessert so the next time you are celebrating, make sure you are bringing the quality as well, stop by the bakery for your own sampling and see what I saw and tasted with your own mouth and eyes!

Bona Foods Ltd.

Business of the Month - February 2014

Tradition is one of those important words, which relates to many different things in our day and age. When I use it, I generally mean it to mean family. Today I visited a company where tradition and family go hand in hand. Bona Foods Ltd. is a company where tradition is one of the most important ingredients they use in their traditional Italian meats. They specializes in Italian Meats including but not limited to; pancetta, salami, mortadella and prosciutto. Rino Arnone, a second-generation owner, was born into the food industry. Italian style meats are part of his upbringing; he knows you cannot cut corners in order to make a great product. That is what Bona Foods has been doing for over 40 years. Not only are the recipes the same as they have always been, but Bona Foods Ltd. produces all their meats under strict federal regulation. Bona Foods Ltd. has the highest level of food inspection, which means not only is the quality in the product, but it is also in the preparation of what you are eating. This is something every meat plant wants for their customers, satisfaction guaranteed.

After hearing about how wonderful their facilities at the plant are, I wanted to see it for myself. Rino took me on a grand tour of the plant, with stops in some of the largest freezers I had ever seen. Learning about how the meat is produced and the time and energy that goes into one sausage is surprising. What isn’t surprising is why the company has been around for so long. The quality is as top shelf as their employers. I have never seen such teamwork than inside the plant. After taking a look at some of the magnificent looking product, I was craving a taste of my own. Rino was gracious enough to let me taste a few of the different meats which were all delicious, my favourite being the Soppressa. Don’t take my word for it, taste it for yourselves. You can find Bona Foods Ltd. products at your specialty grocery store.

Prochilo Brothers Auto Collision

Business of the Month - January 2014

Keeping it in the family has an entirely new meaning at Prochilo Brothers Auto Collision. The way second-generation owners, Adam and Paul Prochilo, treat their staff and a customer is exactly how they treat their own family. “This is part of the culture we have at Prochilo Brothers”, says Adam about why he loves working at his family business. This is also one of the many reasons why their business has been so successful here in Emery Village. It all began 40 years ago when their father, Domenic Prochilo, moved here as a tradesmen from Italy and opened the first Prochilo Brothers Auto Collision repair shop on Toryork Drive. Over the years the business has grown and is now one of three Prochilo Brothers shops across Toronto. The way the business started is the way it has continued in regards to their values, team environment and expert work, which is given to each customer.

I had the opportunity to see a customer first hand being treated like family, the man was shown what was wrong with his car and explained how it would be fixed in detail, so the customer felt at ease when he walked out of the shop. The idea of not being told what was wrong with his car, but explained, made a huge difference to how the customer felt about his service. In regards to pricing, Prochilo Brothers has always wanted to be fair in the automotive industry. They are aware how competitive the industry is and are always looking for new ways to separate themselves from their competitors. They do this in both their service and their quality of repairs, which always come with a lifetime guarantee.

Adam Prochilo is eager to please his customers and does this by understanding that many of them have just been in an accident. His first priority is the customer’s safety. Prochilo Brothers offers free diagnostic tests before starting work on your car to ensure that you are receiving the best and most effective work done to ensure 100 per cent safety is met. When I asked Adam why this was important he said, “The customer knows what they are getting before they walk out of the door which makes us feel good about starting the work.”

As Emery Village continues to evolve, Prochilo Brothers is here to stay. They see Emery Village as a great place to have a family owned and operated business because of the strong community here and the continued development to the area. If you want great service from a company who knows cars like they know family, then stop by Prochilo Brothers for your next automotive repair.


Mister Safety Shoes

Business of the Month - December 2013

Working in the field of construction requires everyone to wear one specific item, a safety shoe. Here in Emery Village; we have a company where safety and style go hand in hand. Mister Safety Shoes is a family owned and operated business which has been in Emery Village since 1972. Starting with one store and one employee, Mister Safety Shoes has expanded to over 100 employees, 11 stores across Canada with six here in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). My first impression when walking into the first store, located at 2300 Finch Ave. West was how well this store was organized and the sales staff were very friendly. You could tell that the employees enjoyed working there and their customer service was well received by the customers inside the store. You could see how the customers were greeted when walking inside and the sales staffs all were patient and polite. When I asked Paul Alfeiri, Mister Safety Shoes marketing manager for the past nine years, about what makes this company different than any other safety shoe distribution company, only one word could would encompass he wanted to express, “service” said Paul. Paul and his staff are aware that their product is marketed to a specific market but what makes their customers return again is the friendly and approachable staff who have the knowledge about what makes a good construction boot. In addition to all of the wonderful construction boots, Mister Safety Shoes has teamed up with some wonderful designers who are changing the look of the shoes to a more modern and sleek design, which even you might be attracted to. One aspect of Mister Safety Shoes which is interesting is their mobile shoe trucks called, Shoemobiles. Shoemobiles were started to deliver shoes to clients who are on the jobsite and need shoes for their entire crew. It is a great way for the company to build new business and just one more thing that makes this company different than many others. From my experience, shopping is not always an easy experience when you need something specific. However, at Mister Safety Shoes, you feel comfortable and confident with the product you are receiving. That is why Mister Safety Shoes has grown into a national brand with a reputation for safety, style and service!


Accident Support Services

Business of the Month - November 2013

A simple idea became a booming business in a great community.

Accident Support Services International LTD is what Steve Sanderson and his two business partners called their great idea back in 1994. His roots at Emery Village however, started 51 years ago when in 1963 he had a towing business. This blossomed and led him to the idea of what is now a terrific collision reporting centre business across Canada. With 28 centres across Canada (with more to open in Alberta and Nova Scotia coming in 2014), what started out as a pilot project is now changing how drivers who have been in an accident report their collisions. It also improves the safety in our community in several ways. For example, when a collision happens on the road and the police are notified there is a step-by-step process that takes place. Once the parties involved are given the okay to drive, they report to one of the centres where a staff member walks them through the insurance process and answers any concerns or questions. In addition the person meets with a police officer and has all the paper work explained in detail to them. This allows the person involved to be in and out of the centre without having to wait at the side of the road for a police officer to arrive like in the past, and potentially cause another accident. Steve says, “We’re making our community safer, by allowing the police to free up officers to focus on other aspects of the community and allow people to visit the centre when it is convenient for them.” With centres open 18 hours a day, seven days a week this makes it very manageable and user-friendly. The centres are capable of communicating with people who speak over 17 different languages. Additionally, the car is photographed so no insurance fraud can take place.

Accident Support Services centres is continuously making changes and improvements to how they do business. For example, everything is now electronic which allows the information being recorded to be sent out to different places quickly and efficiently and also reduces the time someone has to spend at a centre. Steve’s lifelong passion for cars and community go hand in hand and he could not be prouder that this amazing idea has blossomed into something which has transformed safety in our community and across Canada.


Business of the Month – October 2013

Show, don’t tell…Meineke’s mission to ensure customers are taken care of.

Meineke Business of the MonthOpening their doors just over one year ago, Meineke has blossomed into one of Emery Village’s fastest growing full service auto shops specializing in customer care. When you walk inside the customer service area, you are greeted with a warm smile and a pleasant scent of tropical fruit. It is a comforting environment and customers are greeted in a professional, yet relaxed approach. Dave and Yvette Thakudial, who have over 40 years of combined auto mechanic experience, are the proud owners of Meineke. The duo met in college and married over 20 years ago. The couple takes the meaning of family and community to heart with how they run Meineke. A small, full service auto shop of six experienced mechanics, Dave and Yvette wanted to be in a place with a strong and growing community; one of the reasons why they decided to open up their shop here in Emery Village. The couple looked at a number of locations but decided on Emery Village for a number of reasons: the location of their business on a visible corner and the area is peaceful, which helps maintain their order of business in an organized manor.

Both Dave and Yvette are enjoying having their business in Emery Village. Being in a mixed community with different income families, Meineke sets their prices towards making sure the community in Emery Village feel taken care of. When asked about how the Emery Village BIA (Business Improvement Area) has impacted their business Yvette said, “I think any business would benefit from the BIA because by improving local business it helps to support the community which in turn helps our business grow.” After being in business for just over a year, which can be the most stressful time for a new business, it was important to have support from different people within the community. Meineke knows that their customers are the most important people. This is why this summer, on June 20th, Meineke had their first customer appreciation day. Not only did this event showcase the wonderful facility, but it shows Emery Village that Meineke is about making the customer happy. That is what helps set Meineke apart from other auto shops. The mechanic brings the customers in to the auto shop where many people have never stepped foot and are explained what is wrong with their car prior to receiving a bill for the labor. This allows the client to build a relationship with the mechanic, and most importantly, with Meineke. “When a customer can see the problem, they can believe it. We want to ensure safety and satisfaction and that comes from doing the best work for each client.” says, Dave, co-owner of Meineke.


The Capital Improvements Master Plan sets out an exciting vision for Emery Village: Emery Village is a place for business and for people. It is a place of industry, retail, education, leisure, worship, socializing and communication.

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