COVID-19 News and Resources

COVID-19 News and Resources for Canadian Businesses

Resources and support for businesses and entrepreneurs impacted by COVID-19:

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COVID-19 - Latest News:

  • Statement from the Minister of Finance on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Ontario's Economy - Ministry of Finance


Business Assistance and Other Information:


Emery Village has prepared an Emergency Security Plan due to the lockdown of non-essential businesses in the province.

As part of our security patrol service we will be prepared and be operating security patrol in the BIA Business Community 24/7. We have increased our operating patrols to include the following:

2- Day patrol cars (6am-6pm)
4- Evening patrol cars (6pm-6am)

This will ensure full coverage of our area and act a as a deterrence.

Please ensure that your alarm company has the most up to date contact information and telephone numbers in the event of an alarm call. Below are the two telephone numbers for VP Protection Dispatch:

416-218-3226 or 647-202-3022

If you have not signed the VP Protection Security Form please do so immediately and scan the form and sent by to:

(Fill the forms below)

TPA FORM - Tresspass to Property Act Form
CO FORM - Change of Operations Form

Poems of Reconciliation

Poems of Reconciliation

Chief R. Stacey Laforme

Living in the Tall Grass

Poems of Reconciliation

Two Maps of Emery by Laurence Hutchman

Two Maps of Emery by Laurence Hutchman

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Is your Business on the Map?

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